September Vestry Minutes

                                    Episcopal Church of Transfiguration, Mesa, AZ

                                       Vestry Meeting Minutes,   September 14, 2021                                     

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Senior Warden Lynn Graff. A quorum was present. The meeting was held at the parish hall.

  1. Roll Call. The following Vestry members were in attendance in person. Heidi Kinney, Barbara Press, Bill Paleck, Peg Wier, Catherine Schuyler, Jo Laslo and Ellen Jackelen. Also present in person were Lynn Graff, Senior Warden, Pat Mack, Junior Warden, and Diane Klock, Clerk.
  • Rector Transition. Anita Braden, Canon to the Ordinary and Chief of Staff of the

Diocese, attended the meeting via zoom. She provided detailed information about the transition process and ways that she can help with the process. She stated that discovery must be conducted, which will include a survey of the congregation, so that we can match the core values of the clergy with the core values of the parish. She also provided contact information and answered questions from Vestry members about the process.

  1. It was moved, seconded and passed that the August minutes be approved, as corrected.
  2. Policy Manual and Employee Handbook. Peg Wier requested approval of the Policy Manual and Employee Handbook that she and Fr. Bob prepared. Bill Paleck requested two amendments to the documents. First, he asked that the word Vestry be consistently capitalized or not capitalized throughout the documents. Second, he asked that references to the Diocese document be taken out. It was moved, seconded and passed that the Policy Manual and Employee Handbook were approved, as amended to comply with Bill’s requests. The two documents will need to be signed by the Clerk of the Vestry.
  3. Financial Report.
  4. Treasurer’s Report for August 2021 was included in the meeting packet. Bill Paleck presented the Report to the Vestry.
  5. Bill stated that the Financial Report shows that the church is ahead on income for the month of August. Bill said that it may be that some members have paid their remaining pledge amounts in full. He also proposed two new expense items, New Rector Expense and Interim Expense. A document was included in the meeting packet which provided definitions for the two new expense items, designated as 5.507.00 New Rector Expense and 5.508.00 Interim Expense.
  6. Bill stated that the $22,995 monthly expense for Fr. Bob is now not being spent since Fr. Bob left September 1. Bill proposed allotting this amount as follows: $4200 for Supply Priests, $18,295 for Interim Expense, and $500 for New Rector Expense, which will cover the cost for a Digital Ad. It was moved, seconded and passed that these expenses will be added to the Treasurer’s Report. Lynn stated that a benefactor will be donating $5000 toward the New Rector Expense.
  7. Balance Sheet
  8. Bill recommended that the Social Media Fund included in the Balance Sheet be removed and included in the Social Media Expense under Operating Expenses. It was moved, seconded and passed that the Social Media Fund will be removed from the Balance Sheet.
  9. Bill stated that the church’s checking account balance is up by $9,000 and the investment accounts are up.
  10. Bill also noted that the donations from the Diocesan Outreach Balance were mistakenly taken out of the ECW Balance. That has been corrected.
  11. Bill suggested that the Improvement Fund Balance and the Capital Imp. 2019 Balance be combined and named Improvement Fund Balance. It was moved, seconded and passed that the two funds will be combined as the Improvement Fund Balance.
  12. Bill stated that the new sign has been finished at a cost of $1,489.18. It will be installed.
  13. Lynn stated that Paul Lee has been providing music on Sunday at a cost of $500 a week. Lynn asked for approval to take this amount from the Music Fund Balance for six weeks. Bill moved that the church use the Music Fund to defray the costs of the interim music director. The motion was seconded and passed. Jo agreed to work on the effort to find a new music director. Peg Wier stated that she would like for the church to sing the Lord’s Prayer. Using more contemporary music was also discussed.
  14. Lynn pointed out that the meeting packet includes a Presentation Budget Report for 2022. A budget for 2022 will need to be completed before the annual meeting in January 2022. The need for 1099 forms for Supply Priests was discussed.
  15. It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Financial Report, subject to audit.
  • Daughters of the King Report. A Report from Dana Wittmann, President, was included in the packet.
  • ECW Report.
  1. A written report from Jo Laslo was included in the packet.
  2. Jo corrected two typos in the report. The Fashion Show luncheon is scheduled for 3/12/2022. A donation of $400.00 was made to the Episcopal Relief Fund to benefit Haiti and the victims of the quake and subsequent storm.
  3. Social Media Report. A Report was submitted by Dea Podhajsky and included in the packet. Dea stated that between 750 and 1,000 people a month interact with our church on Social Media. Dea stated that Social Media is a vital ministry of this parish. She asked that people contact her if they have an interest or expertise in this field.
  4. Crazy Chile Farm Update. A written report from the Chile Farm and A Million Meals for our Neighbors was submitted by Bill Robinson and included in the packet. Lynn pointed out that the report stated that the Million Meals program made a donation of $6,093 to the United Food Bank that covered the outstanding balances of 46 of their agencies all over eastern Arizona. That allows the agencies to use their resources to help people in need. Lynn stated that the church has received thank you letters because of the donation which are available for viewing in the parish hall.
  5. People’s (Junior) Warden Report
  6. Pat Mack had to leave the meeting so Lynn provided his report. She stated that Pat wanted to thank Walter and Don Strachota for their hard work.
  7. Pat will be spraying for bugs and spraying for weeds.
  8. Pat will be using a metal post to install the new sign.
  • Rector’s (Senior) Warden Report: Lynn Graff
  1. Lynn stated that she has been doing the live streaming.
  2. Compline is continuing with 10-15 people participating every night.
  3. Lynn may start holding the Wednesday morning Bible study, which had been suspended due to Covid-19. Lynn may be the facilitator. This could also be something the Interim Rector could do.
  4. Heidi has agreed to take the lead on Stewardship.
  • Mask requirement in church. Lynn said that she has reworded the bulletin language regarding mask guidelines. Masks are still required for unvaccinated people.
  • Diocesan Anti-Racism Training. Lynn stated that many of the Vestry members have signed up for the training. All members of the Vestry need to do the training.
  1. Review of Vestry Plans from Planning Meeting. Lynn stated that the church just needs to go with the flow during this transition time. Bill suggested phone calls to talk to people about the music director, the new rector survey and stewardship. Catherine suggested that we hand out surveys to parishioners to be returned. Lynn stated that we will need to contact people in a variety of ways. Jo stated that we could check with people about whether they would like the survey mailed to them or would like to pick it up at church. A suggestion was made that we could have a drop box for people to return their surveys. Pat suggested that the drop box could be left and used as a suggestion box. Lynn noted that communication will be important.
  • PayPal Account. The church’s PayPal account was set up by Jan and can no longer be used. The PayPal account will be torn down and the people who were using it have agreed to switch to the church’s Zell account. Zell does not charge a fee.
  • Included in packet.
  • Jo Laslo is the Vestry contact person for the month.
  • The meeting was adjourned.


Next meeting October 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Vestry meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m.






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