Altar Flowers


By Ruby Seyffert, Altar Guild Director

If you are looking for a way to contribute to our church family, take a few minutes to check out the flower chart in the church narthex. There are dates to sign up for altar flowers.  More than one person can sign on the same date.

Just sign your name on the date you chose, the occasion for which you wish to have honored and the type of flower you would prefer. * We will do the rest. Linda Ostmeyer and I check the chart weekly. Feel free to call Linda O. or me Ruby Seyffert (602) 318-0568. 

The cost for Altar Flower is $35. The florist sells us our arrangements at cost, so we are very blessed. Some ideas for flowers on the altar include: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorials, Blessing/Thanksgivings received.


Thanks for helping make our church festive.

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