Walking on Wednesday Hits the Arizona Trail

As of February 1, Ellen Jackelen will be recording your walking miles. Please email each month’s results to her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks to Dea Podhajsky for her leadership in leading this group and encouraging us all in our efforts to walk for exercise, mental health, fellowship and often, spiritual focus! While COVID precautions are in place, we are walking individually, in our own neighborhoods. When it is safe to do so, we can return to the practice of meeting at church on Wednesday mornings, if you wish. Beginning February 1, we begin a new, virtual quest: If you wish to walk the trail virtually with me, we will each have a goal of 800 miles. The actual trail begins at the Coronado National Monument east of Nogales near the US-Mexlco border and extends north to the Arizona-Utah border for 800 miles. In the past we have had a group goal, this challenge is individual. The trail crosses a diversity of habitats including desert, grasslands, pine forests, and alpine tundra. However, for your walk, you choose your habitat – desert or mountain hikes, city sidewalks or mall walking. It’s all good!! Any part of the 800 miles is also good! Please join us in walking, as you are able, in walking every week! If you walked 20.8 miles this week, you have walked the equivalent of Section 1 of the Arizona Trail, through the Huachuca Mountains. Since the trail starts at the Mexico border, our virtual walk is the only walk available at this time

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