EpiscopalChurchofTransfiguration, Mesa, AZ

                                   Vestry Meeting Minutes    April 13, 2021                    

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Fr. Bob Saik. A quorum was present. The meeting was held at the parish hall.

  1. Roll Call. The following vestry members were in attendance. Jo Laslo, Heidi Kinney, Barbara Press, Ellen Jackelen, Bob Wilk, Bill Paleck, Peg Wier, Catherine Schuyler. Also in attendance were Bob Saik, Rector, Lynn Graff, Senior Warden, and Diane Klock, Clerk.
  2. Minutes. It was moved, seconded and passed that the March minutes be approved.

III.                   Financial Report.

  1. Treasurer’s Report for March 2021 was included in the meeting packet.
  2. Fr. Bob pointed out that the income reflected was more than expected. The monthly expenses were more, but the church is $6,665.06 ahead. This is because of a large amount of non-pledge income. Fr. Bob also stated that the expenses listed are close to the budgeted amount.
  3. Property insurance was discussed. The premiums are paid on a quarterly basis.
  4. Balance Sheet
  5. The Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2021 was included in the meeting packet.
  6. The Balance Sheet shows that there is currently $52,013.82 in the checking account. Fr. Bob stated that this amount should be left in the checking account because summer expenses are often more than income.
  7. The Diocesan Outreach Balance grows quarterly. The vestry can decide how to spend the money in this account.
  8. Changes Made to Balance Sheet Accounts.
  9. An explanation of Changes to the Balance Sheet was included in the meeting packet.
  10. Social Media expenses, Music Fund expenses, and reimbursements reflected in the report were discussed.
  11. It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Financial Report, subject to audit.
  12. Daughters of the King Report. (Included in packet.)
  13. Lynn Graff noted that they have been meeting by Zoom.
  14. They were able to offer support for the Karl Shepstead memorial, which was held outside.
  15. They have been including a topic for discussion in their meetings for some inspiration and growth.
  16. Social Media Report. (Included in packet)
  17. The Report stated that there are 487 subscribers total for all social media platforms.
  18. Fr. Bob noted that social media is a place where the church connects with people from all over.
  19. Chili Farm Update (Submitted by Bill Robinson and included in packet)
  20. Lynn Graff noted that planting is in progress using a method of planting crops together, a method used by Native Americans.
  21. The Report stated that over 600 chili plants are doing well and should be producing by May.

VII.                 Outreach Report (Included in packet)

  1. Peg Wier asked for input on needs that Outreach could be addressing.
  2. She stated that people in the Congregation continue to bring food and 60 pounds of food was donated to the Superstition Community Food Bank (AJ) during the first quarter.
  3. Soup continues to be made, with 25-35 pounds of soup made each time. The soup crew will be taking April off.

VIII.               Junior Warden Report

  1. Fr. Bob reported on the work of the Junior Warden because Pat Mack was unable to attend the meeting.
  2. There has been lots of work to the grounds of the church. Flowers are starting to bloom and the basins are much cleaner.
  3. The locksmith fixed the door to the parish hall.
  4. A leak outside of the kitchen was fixed by Walt.
  5. Pat helped a lot with the outdoor services.
  6. Fr. Bob will ask Pat about any delayed repairs that need to be done.
  7. An air conditioning company will be coming on May 1 to check on all air conditioners, this is done every year.
  8. Senior Warden Report: Lynn Graff
  9. Lynn gave thanks for everyone who has pitched in to help during difficult times.
  10. She especially included thanks for Fr. Bob’s work for the Easter season and holy week, the Altar guild ladies, ushers, audio-visual people, and those who helped set up for services in the parking lot, including setting up the canopies.
  11. Rector’s Report.
  12. Services in church.
  13. Fr. Bob stated that the expectation is that service will be held inside the church from now on.
  14. Fr. Bob provided the vestry with a copy of the results of the questionnaire about services filled out by members of the Congregation. People are interested in having services at 8 and 10 inside the church and are not in favor of outdoor services (especially during the heat).
  15. The church will continue using the existing protocols. The Bishop has a committee to help identify what churches can do. There have not been many changes yet.
  16. A discussion was held about holding services safely inside. Catherine Schuyler stated that, with so many people vaccinated, it should be ok. She noted that there are CDC guidelines for post-vaccinated people.
  17. Bill Paleck agreed to clean the church between services.
  18. Services will continue to be recorded. Fr. Bob stated that the recording equipment is always in flux. There is always something they are trying to fix. Gary Quamme was able to fix the problem of an echo at the beginning of the service. Lynn Graff stated that the cables for the equipment could be dangerous. Fr. Bob reported that the church had been using Peter Lafford’s camera. The church now has a new camera that can be closer to the front of the church, which will eliminate some of the cables. Peter and Gary have been working to make it work the best way possible.
  19. Fr. Bob reported that there was no response to the offer to use the church as a vaccination site.
  20. Fr. Bob reported that he took some time off after Easter and spent time resting and walking. He is planning vacation time June 15 through June 29. Philip Stoll will fill in. Fr. Bob stated that he had hoped to take a 2-month sabbatical last year but was not able to because of the pandemic.
  21. Open Items.
  22. Heidi Kinney reported regarding the Diocesan proposal for solar power. The Diocese asked to have access to the church’s SRP account. The church has allowed access to the account and the Diocese will be looking into it. At this point, the church is waiting for their recommendation.
  23. The issues of benefits for clergy and staff and the creation of an HR policy for clergy and staff were discussed together. Fr. Bob reported that the Diocese has an employee handbook. He has asked for a copy. He has also obtained a copy of an employee handbook from Michigan from a clergy friend. This will be a topic for future discussion.
  24. Racial reconciliation. Fr. Bob stated that this is something that the national Episcopal Church has been encouraging for the last 5 years. There is a committee from the Diocese to help churches deal with this. Fr. Bob recently met with a member of the A.M.E. church. He stated that there is value in working together. He noted that he has felt strong pushback from some members of the church who do not want to work in this area. Fr. Bob stated that he has decided that we are going to work in this area. He stated that a way to start would be with telling our stories. Fr. Bob, Heidi Kinney, and Catherine Schuyler then shared stories about their experiences with racial discrimination. Fr. Bob stated that we can start by identifying an issue and telling stories. He plans to start with the Tuesday morning Adult Bible Study group. He also stated that we may have a facilitator come. Bill Paleck shared a story about a positive experience when he was working with the park service of having a sister park in Bhutan and the Italian Alps and learning from people with different backgrounds. The idea of a sister church - which could be Jewish, Muslim, Asian or Black – was discussed.  It was pointed out that members of the congregation need to know that this is voluntary and members will not be required to participate. 
  25. Review of Vestry Plans from Planning Meeting.
  26. The time to help with vaccinations is over.
  27. Transition. This is a space Fr. Bob needs to work in.
  28. Touch and calling. Discussion of trying to reach people we haven’t heard from.
  29. Physical outreach and creating events and options. Bill Paleck brought up the possibility of working with POWWOW – Produce on wheels without waste. This organization is looking for locations to distribute food. Jo Laslo stated that this would be a good thing to do. Jo and Bill will check into it.

XII.                 Calendar. Included in packet. Will be changed to reflect that the 8:00 service is not a Zoom service.

XIII.               Vestry contact for the month is Catherine Schuyler.

XIV.               The meeting was adjourned.


Next meeting May 11, 2021

Episcopal Church of Transfiguration, Mesa, AZ

Vestry Meeting Minutes       March 9, 2021

I.                Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Fr. Bob Saik. A quorum was present.

II.             Roll Call

The following vestry members were in attendance. Heidi Kinney, Bob Wilk, Barbara Press, Jo Laslo, Ellen Jackelen, Peg Wier, Bill Paleck. Also in attendance were Bob Saik, Rector, Lynn Graff, Senior Warden, and Pat Mack, Junior Warden. The meeting was conducted via Zoom.

III.           Election of new clerk of the vestry. Barbara moved, Jo seconded and it was approved by the vestry that Diane Klock will be the new clerk of the vestry. She was contacted and joined the meeting.

IV.           Election of new vestry member. Jo moved, Heidi seconded and it was approved by the vestry that Caryll Prokosch will be the new member of the vestry. Caryll then joined the meeting.

V.             Minutes. It was moved, seconded and passed that the January minutes be approved. It was moved, seconded and passed that the February minutes be approved.

VI.           Financial Report.

1.     Treasurer’s Report for February 2021 was included in the meeting packet.

a.     Fr. Bob explained that the income for February was less than expected and was less than February expenses. However, January income was higher so year-to-date income and expenses are on the positive side and there is nothing unusual for January and February.

b.     Fr. Bob also pointed out the increase in the office phone expense, which was approved by the vestry.

c.     There were no questions from the vestry.

2.     Balance Sheet

a.     The Balance Sheet as of February 28, 2021 was included in the meeting packet.

b.     A suggestion was made that more detail be included in the future.

3.      Changes Made to Balance Sheet Accounts.

a.     Fr. Bob explained the $1450 payment to Arnulfo Gonzalez in February. Gonzalez was hired to trim bushes on the west side of the parking lot but then was assigned additional work to make the grounds look nice. The grounds now look really nice.

b.     Fr. Bob explained that $2200 was received in the Million Meals account in January and February. A parishioner gave $1000 to donate to Texas. A total of $2000 was then given to the Houston Food Bank.

4.     It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Financial Report, subject to audit.

VII.         Women’s Ministry Report. (Included in packet.)

1.     The Report was included in the packet.

a.     Jo Laslo added that the $65 from Sunshine Acres was lower than usual but this was because they have been closed a lot due to the pandemic so their income is down.

2.     Jo also said that they are looking for ideas for Easter ministry.

3.     The Rummage Sale is set for April 23-24.

VIII.      Social Media Report. (Included in packet)

1.     Discussion of the fact that the church’s online presence during the pandemic made a huge difference in reaching people and has drawn people to the church.

2.     Jo Laslo and Catherine Schuyler will be meeting to address standards for the Facebook page.

IX.           Junior Warden Report: Pat Mack

1.     A locksmith will be changing the door handle on the parish hall door.

2.     He has been taking care of setting up and taking down chairs for Sunday parking lot services.

3.     Keeping everything running.

X.             Senior Warden Report: Lynn Graff

Lynn gave a special Thank You to Fr. Bob and all who make the Sunday parking lot services happen.

XI.           Rector’s Report.

1.     Parochial Report, sent by email prior to meeting.

a.     Fr. Bob discussed the report, including the need for the vestry to discuss Racial Justice and Reconciliation.

b.    Changes to the report were discussed and the report will be amended as follows:

1.     Radio streaming will be added.

2.     Financial information in the report will be reconciled with the Treasurer’s Report and Balance Sheet.

3.     Peg will provide additional information about outreach.

4.     Typo on page 3 will be corrected.

c.     Lynn stated that Fr. Bob did a great job on the report. It was moved, seconded and passed that the Parochial Report is approved with the suggested changes.

2.     It was reported that attendance at the Sunday parking lot services has been good. Attendance was 60 last Sunday and 79 the Sunday before that. Discussion of holding some Holy Week Services inside. Discussion of holding inside services in the future. Fr. Bob will be asking the diocese about policy changes due to vaccinations.

3.     Benefits for clergy and staff. Health Insurance Cost document from diocese was sent by email prior to the meeting. Discussion of creating HR policy for benefits offered for clergy and full-time staff. Fr. Bob will ask the diocese to send a copy of the diocese policy. The goal is to create a common policy. This will be discussed at the convention.

4.     Racial reconciliation. Racial Justice and Reconciliation is one of three things the diocese is asking the church to work on. A positive discussion was held regarding possibilities for pursuing this goal. More information will be provided for further discussion.

5.     Discussion of using the church as a vaccination site with positive response from the vestry.

XII.         Open Items.

1.     Diocesan Proposal for Solar Power. Heidi has just received the information about the proposal. Fr. Bob will check into having people come in to give more info.

2.     Planning.

a.     Help with vaccinations. Appreciation was expressed for Heidi’s work helping people, 12 so far, get vaccinations. Also, Pat Mack has volunteered to drive people to vaccination appointments.

b.     Transition. Suggestions were made for increased church activities. Lynn recommended starting with small steps. Some things can be tried for Easter.

c.     Touch and calling. Discussion of ideas for keeping in touch with people who are part of the congregation, including finding ways to ask people the best way to keep in touch with them. Fr. Bob and Lynn will make a recommendation.

d.     Discussion of physical outreach and creating events and options was deferred, with the focus to be on the first three planning items for now. However, it was pointed out that having a vaccination site at the church could be considered  creating an event.

XIII.      Chile Garden Update.

People are working. Blue corn is sprouting. Chile starter plants are going, the hothouse is working fine. Using Native American methods and organic method to get rid of Bermuda grass.

XIV.       Calendar. Included in packet.

XV.         Vestry contact for the month is Heidi Kinney.

XVI.       The meeting was adjourned.


Next meeting April 13, 2021





  Episcopal Church of Transfiguration Mesa, AZ

Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2021


  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to Order by Fr. Bob Saik. A quorum was present.

  1. Roll call

The following vestry members were in attendance: Heidi Kinney, Catherine Schuyler, Barbara Press, Bob Wilk, Pam Mack, and Jo Laslo. Also, in attendance were Bob Saik, Rector, Lynn Graff, Senior Warden and Pat Mack, Junior Warden. The meeting was conducted via Zoom.

  • Minutes of November Meeting: It was moved seconded and passed that the December minutes be approved.
  1. Financial Report
    1. The included financial report is the final report for 2020.
    2. The report, which was included in the meeting packet, was discussed.
    3. Our income exceeded our expenses for the year.
    4. Our investments are doing well.
    5. The budget for next year has an expected negative balance.
    6. It was moved, seconded, and passed to revise the budget to cover increased phone expenses. The office phone budget will be $4,200 for 2021.
    7. An official audit statement has been received. The audit was clean.
    8. Two areas in the financial report will be revised in 2021.
  2. Women’s Ministry Report: (Included in packet) Jo Laslo added the following orally.
    1. Meetings continued and ECW had a successful rummage sale despite COVID.
    2. A spring rummage sale is being planned.
  3. Junior Warden Report:
    1. During the month the following tasks were completed by Pat Mack: Monthly septic maintenance, spraying for bugs, repair of mail box , set up for outdoor services, installation of toilet parts, storing of Christmas wreaths.
    2. Walt Devonshire and Pat Mack will fix the Parish House security door.
    3. Pat Mack explained his decision in hiring a landscaping contractor.
    4. Pat Mack agreed to continue as Junior Warden
  • Senor Warden Report: Lynn Graff
    1. Lynn Graff will be familiarizing herself on how financial reports are handled.
    2. In her capacity as Senior Warden Lynn Graff attends church events.
  • Social Media Report: Included in the packet
    1. Bob discussed the importance of Social Media. He also went over analytics from our various platforms.
    2. Bob discussed three Facebook posts that have been controversial.
    3. He requested that a policy for posting be adopted or the appointment of an overarching person to monitor the sitess be made.
    4. Jo Laslo and Catherine agreed to work on social media policy.
  1. Rectors Report: Bob Saik
    1. The annual clergy retreat is upcoming
    2. People have been excited about the outdoor services. Vestry wants these services to continue.
    3. Our annual meeting will be held outside on January 24th. To be official 25 people need to attend.. Prepackaged snack will be provided.
    4. Building lay leadership is a priority.
    5. The following outgoing vestry members were thanked for their service. Pat Gutsch, Barbara Turner, and Pam Mack.
    6. A vestry retreat will be held in person on February 13th.It will replace the regular vestry meeting.
  2. Outreach Report: In packet
  3. Calendar: In packet
  • Chile Farm Report: Lynn Graff
    1. The chile board met.
    2. Chile starts are in the green house.
    3. Plans for new year have been made.
    4. Blue corn for seed is being grown.
    5. The sale of blue cornmeal is an income source.
    6. Irrigation issues hopefully will be resolved with the installation of a flood system in Field 1.
  • Vestry Contact is Bob Wilk
  • The meeting was adjourned.