The Currency of Truth

By Cathy Haig
Currency of truth is what ignites the passion behind the justice work in which the church must engage in order for the church to be relevant in restoring the spiritual, economical, and social wellness in our communities. I often wonder why Jesus put the word “the truth” between “the way” and “the life”. Both way and life are multi-dimensional. A way is traveled through time; there is a direction, a movement from one place to another.

A life is lived over a period of time in different places. A life involves a past, a present and  a future. The way also has a beginning, a movement through different environments, and a destination. The “spirit of truth” in John 14:16-17 is a difficult concept for the world to receive. Why? Because we live in a world conditioned by the paradigm of either or thinking – something is true or false. Remember all those “true or false” tests we took is school. It is not black or white. The spirit of truth calls us to attempt to understand multiple points of view. The truth emerges out of the exploration and understanding of the many different points of view based on different experiences of the people in the community. Truth is a way of being – a journey, a process, a spirituality, a relationship with God through Christ. A way to see the world as God sees it, and a way that leads to action to restore the blessings that flow from God to all. So how can we get to this truth process? Perhaps this chart will help.

The currency of truth challenges church members to rethink how they use their time, and the places to which they have access. It also ignites church members’ passion for justice. The ability to discern the truth with the neighbourhood, town, city or even wider environment will create social, economic and ecological wellness.
- Cathy Haig

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